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The Bloomfield Rams

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The Bloomfield Rams

I got the following email from a Believe Merch Disciple:

"So, sitting here bored at work and looking through your shirts, and I really like the idea of the old athletic association t-shirts. I remember my grandfather telling me about playing on the South Side's semipro team as a defensive end and trying unsuccessfully to sack the quarterback for the Bloomfield Rams, a Steelers cut-list casualty named Johnny Unitas. I know Unitas is now forever associated with that awful city in Maryland but he's from the 412 and we should reclaim him with a Bloomfield Rams t-shirt." - Chris T.


Do yourself a favor and click on the links below or Google the Bloomfield Rams. It is one hell of a great story.

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Super-soft printing using our special premium waterbase inks. Printed on Black Gildan 64000 tees.

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